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Excerpts From The Blog Of Robinson Crusoe

July 26, 2008

Archaeologists have recently uncovered a heretofore undiscovered blog of the “life and strange surprising adventures” of one “Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner.” The blog was found buried beneath a rubbish pile in the Internet consisting of, OS/2, CDNow, WordPerfect for Macintosh, and several billion free hours of America Online. Here are several excerpts from that historically important blog:

Day 36: Why am I getting a WiFi signal on this island?

Day 642: It turns out the mysterious WiFi signal and electrical wiring comes from the cannibals who occasionally visit here to barbecue prisoners and look up porn on the Internet. I’ve adopted an escaped prisoner who tells me his lifelong ambition is to open up a chain of tacky restaurants featuring unremarkably pedestrian cuisine. I have the inexplicable urge to name him Friday.

Day 1574: Some guy with a funny accent calling himself J.M. Coetzee showed up yesterday. He keeps following Friday and me around and saying that he’s taking notes for a post-modern deconstruction of my life story, whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean. I should see if he’s brought some beer with him.


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