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Crowning England’s Steve Bartman

October 17, 2009

It’s official: Liverpool are so bad, a beach ball beat them today. Whoever the Reds’ fan was who brought that ball to the game and lost control of it, congratulations: you’re the new Steve Bartman!

Liverpool loses to a beach ball and makes satire irrelevant.

Liverpool loses to a beach ball and makes satire irrelevant.



March 14, 2009


That’s all the intelligent reaction I can muster right now.

SuperLiga, Olé; MLS, Meh

August 6, 2008
The SuperLiga logo (from Wikipedia)

The SuperLiga logo (from Wikipedia)

I still cannot believe that the only network to broadcast nationwide last night’s SuperLiga championship game between New England and Houston — two U.S.-based Major League Soccer teams — was the Spanish-language channel Telefutura. One would think that to have an all-U.S. final in the SuperLiga, which takes the top four teams from MLS and the top four teams from the Primera División de México and pits them against each other to play for essentially the championship of the NAFTA-zone, would represent some kind of significant milestone in the development of professional soccer in the United States. As such, one would assume it would — I don’t know — arouse some kind of interest here?

Apparently not. Which is a shame, because it wound up being a pretty good game. New England took the title on penalty kicks following a close game with a lot of late chances and even a pair of extra time goals.

Obligitory Liverpool Mockery (from

Obligatory Liverpool Mockery (from

In the rest of the world, the international tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, the Copa Libertadores, the UEFA Cup, etc. are a big deal, perhaps more so than even the regular domestic competition for some of the clubs in them (Exhibit A: Liverpool — even when talking about the other side of the world, one should always take a cut at them when one gets the chance).

It makes me wonder what, if any, reception the newly-revamped CONCACAF Champions League, the full North American and Caribbean championship tournament, the winner of which gets a berth in the FIFA Club World Cup, will get here. At least the Spanish-speaking portion of the country seems to be on board. Shouldn’t the rest of us be, too?

Delicious Mold

January 31, 2008

Jeez, it’s been over two weeks since the last time I wrote anything here. What can I say? Things were busy. Anyway, in keeping with the utterly scattershot nature of this site, I’ll now switch from the FA Cup — where Havant & Waterlooville took Liverpool into a 2-2 tie at halftime before falling 5-2 in the fourth round over the weekend — to bloviating about mold — delicious mold.

Specifically, we are trying to get rid of the mold. It came with the house, as a free bonus along with the window treatments, when we bought it. For a time, we welcomed it into our hearts, but since we have a baby now, we figured it was high time to tell it politely to leave. It’s entirely localized in one corner of a single bedroom. Apparently, a single nail was sticking out of the side of the house in a cockeyed manner, allowing rainwater to drip into the pinhole-sized opening over the course of many years.

The previous owners patched the drywall affected by the rain-fed mold but were never able to identify the source of the dampness in the first place, so the mold just grew back in the patched drywall, as well as behind the wall. About a year and a half ago, we had a contractor come in who finally managed to identify the water source — that single cockamamie nail on the exterior at the roof line — and fix it in a highly complicated maneuver. He pounded the nail flat with a hammer.

Of course, that did nothing to end the mold that already exists in the interior of the house. So, we are having mold removal specialists come in tomorrow to do an estimate prior to the actual work of removal. In order to do this, I have to rearrange some furniture in the room in which I am typing this currently. Obviously, this blog entry is an extended stab at procrastination while the kid somehow sleeps soundly to the sonorous strains of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band in the next room.

I should probably get back to moving stuff and deeply inhaling the room’s ambiance in the process…

Go Havant & Waterlooville!

January 16, 2008

The Havant & Waterlooville F.C. logo.If this story involved practically any sport other than soccer in Britain, Hollywood would probably be salivating over the potential movie rights.

The best way I can think of how to explain Havant & Waterlooville’s FA Cup run to most Americans is to imagine that there is a gigantic, nationwide baseball tournament that occurs once a year and includes all major league teams, all minor league teams, and a bunch of twilight and rec league amateur and semipro teams full of local people who have day jobs and play just for the heck of it. Now, imagine one of those local twilight league teams has somehow advanced to the third round of the tournament, where they have just somehow knocked off a decent Triple-A team, and now they will be playing the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in the next round.

Since I’ve been staying home with the baby, I’ve been watching an awful lot of English soccer. I’ve discovered that there is absolutely nothing worth watching on network and most cable TV in the middle of weekday afternoons, when the kid typically takes a nap. Luckily, we get the Fox Soccer Channel and a five-hour time delay between here and England, which means that night games pop up on the tube live in mid-afternoon. It beats the snot out of soaps and Oprah, that’s for sure. Combine that with my having spent eight years making a living out of covering and promoting college sports for a school with often nationally-ranked men’s and women’s soccer programs, and with my grandmother being from Manchester — home of the Red Devils, mind you — and it makes sense that I’ve gotten hooked on watching Barclays Premier League and FA Cup games very quickly.

While I would love to see Havant & Waterlooville pull off one of the biggest sports upsets of all time against Liverpool in the next round January 26, they’ll almost certainly just wind up being sacrificial lambs to the team that piled five goals on Luton Town in just over one half yesterday. Still, I’d bet the players on Havant & Waterlooville will look back fondly on the chance to play in such a less-than-once-in-a-lifetime game no matter how lopsided the final score becomes. Although, if Liverpool plays in the next round like it did in its first go at Luton last week, I suppose anything could happen.

I thought going into this week that I’d like nothing more than to see Liverpool get axed from the tournament live on TV by a lower-tier League One club teetering on the brink of financial meltdown and relegation to League Two. However, the infinitesimally small possibility of seeing Liverpool get eliminated by a non-league team of part-timers would be even better (note to confused Americans: Liverpool-Manchester United is probably a bigger rivalry than the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in baseball over here).

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