Today I Announce My Candidacy for Mayor of Canada

Map of Canada

This is actually the world's largest city. 'Atta boy, "Doug!"

Here’s Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber in an interview with The Oregonian/ last night:

. . . we have new stadiums that have been built or being built in Portland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Canada and other cities.

Yes! Vancouver, which hosted the 2012 Winder Olympics, is actually just a neighborhood in the City of Canada — kind of like Hell’s Kitchen.

Actually, that wasn’t the only thing about the article that was a little more than slightly off-kilter. If you look carefully at the URL of the web page containing the interview, you’ll notice it calls Don Garber “commissioner_doug_garber.”

Yes, I did a lot of copy editing in the past. Why do you ask?


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