An Update on “The Loungie”

Back in December, in the kind of groundbreaking work of serious investigative journalism for which this site is held in wide esteem in my mind alone, I reported the existence of what may perhaps be the stupidest television commercial ever created: “The Loungie.”

At the time, no video footage of the commercial existed on the Internet. In fact, I and one other person on Twitter were the only people to be found online who mentioned seeing it.

In April, the ad apparently started running again. It would only be a matter of time before it, like the coelacanth, would be captured.

Finally, on May 8, an alert reader (I’m kind of amazed this blog has readers, let alone alert ones), posted video footage of the commercial in the comment section of my original Loungie newsflash.

I, in typically alert fashion, only noticed this tonight, nearly two weeks later. So, here’s the video for your edification:

I love that it’s an English language commercial now airing on Telemundo. That’s some smart marketing jujitsu right there.


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