Where Does This Garbage Keep Coming From?

Fact or fiction: The new insurance law requires microchips to be implanted in every American.”

The answer, of course, is fiction. That apparently doesn’t stop some people from thinking otherwise, though.

Seriously, who believes this crap? I wonder what will happen to people who do as the years go by and, lo and behold, they don’t get chips implanted. Will they realize they were wrong? Not likely. Will they believe that they got a chip secretly implanted in themselves the next time they have to get a shot or get surgery? Probably. Will they latch onto some other, equally cockamamie conspiracy theory? Almost certainly. Where’s the line between modern conservatism and paranoid schizophrenia these days? I’m not sure anymore.

There’s a fear that we could be on the path to a day in the future when you’re going to have to submit your medical records to the IRS along with your tax returns. I wonder what will happen to people inclined to harbor such suspicions as the years go by and, surprise surprise, it never happens. Will the Ayn Rand references continue to flow like wine? Probably, but only in response to some other controversy. However, I have to wonder how many of the microchip crazies from the previous paragraph actually know who John Galt is. Probably not many. I could answer that question for them here, but it would make one incredibly long and self-contradictory book.


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