I Can Only Shake My Head

In the past, I’ve highlighted here some of the letters to the editor that show up in our local newspaper for their unintentional comedic value and/or downright scariness. Here’s one from today’s paper that makes me wonder whether its writer ever passed ninth grade physical science:

Several letter writers have ridiculed those of us who believe in divine creation of life on Earth, as opposed to purely natural evolution. My question is, from where would life evolve?

It cannot come from the inorganic minerals which, along with air and water, were the only elements on Earth prior to the creation of life. It is impossible for any organic matter; carbon, for instance; to come from anything inorganic.

Carl Sagan, Ph.D., worked for years in a laboratory attempting to create organic life from the inorganic. The best he could do was an amino acid, which is a precursor to protein. As he wrote though, it was not life.

My advice to those who cannot accept the reality that someday they will have to stand before a sovereign God, who created everything, is that they begin to read his words to us in his book.

I’m not sure where to even begin with this one. Maybe I should start with the writer’s total ignorance of what an “element” even is, as this author seems to believe that air, water, and all minerals are found on the periodic table. Or, maybe I should start with the fact that stars produce carbon (which, unlike air, water, quartz, feldspar, etc., actually is an element) from inorganic material all the time, and that carbon is the basis of organic chemistry and is found in abundance throughout the universe. In fact, all organic compounds contain carbon, so carbon isn’t just one “instance” of organic matter. Or, maybe I should start with the fact that astronomers don’t spend their lives trying to create homunculi in chemistry labs. Neither do chemists, for that matter.

At any rate, I can only shake my head in shame for my locale. This kind of willful stupidity and deliberate ignorance is all too common.


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One Response to “I Can Only Shake My Head”

  1. dorkarama Says:

    Now you’ve gone and made your sovereign God mad. I just hope I’m not behind you in the line when we all have to stand before him, because you are going to get one mighty smiting and that’s a scientific fact.

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