This Day in Weird Baby Food

A turnip.

Apparently, great baby food.

I just discovered that our 14 month-old daughter absolutely loves raw turnips, of all things. It’s not the first thing you think of when you think of popular baby and toddler foods, but I guess it fits the pattern in our family. Her two year-old brother is still just as fiercely attached to capers and Kalamata olives as he was when he was her age.

Besides, if there’s one thing the English side of my family knows how to do well, it’s sneak turnips into things you’d never expect. Case in point, the turnip our daughter was munching on (I shredded it with a potato peeler and tore up the shreds so that the pieces were small and malleable enough for a baby to eat by hand safely) was a little bit left over from the red beans and rice I’m making in the crock pot today. One of my favorite ways of making mashed potatoes is to throw a turnip or two into the pot of potatoes, and one of my all-time favorite foods is this weird mashed turnip-and-carrot concoction that my grandmother makes. Unfortunately, I don’t know the recipe for that one.

With that in mind, maybe her love of turnips isn’t so weird, but the fact that she screams like a banshee when her tray isn’t refilled with them quickly enough still seems kind of strange.


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