Jim Bunning: Now Worse than Michael Vick in Philly Sports History

It’s time to revisit the unique nexus of baseball, politics, senility and weirdness that is Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning. Over the last several days, an old post on this site from way back in 2008 called, “Whither Jim Bunning?” suddenly started getting a bunch of hits — far too many for it to be a coincidental spike.

A closer look revealed that the most common search term bringing people here was, “Jim Bunning asshole.”

“Oh, jeez,” I thought, “What the heck did he do now?”

It didn’t take long to figure out that he did this. Yes, Jim Bunning is the reason that 1.2 million laid-off Americans will lose their unemployment benefits. He single-handedly filibustered an unemployment extension. The Republican caucus, to its credit, had nothing to do with it and didn’t go along with his filibuster.

Bunning clearly suffered greatly for his efforts, having complained at one point during his filibuster of having to miss a basketball game.

I never thought it possible for someone to rank below Michael Vick and Pete Rose on the Philadelphia sports history All-Jackass Team, but “Senator” Bunning has done it. Throwing a perfect game for the Phillies does not make you any less of a worthless excuse for a human being, sir.

And that, folks, is the unique nexus of baseball, politics, senility, weirdness, and douchebaggery that is Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning.


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2 Responses to “Jim Bunning: Now Worse than Michael Vick in Philly Sports History”

  1. bittenbyazebra Says:

    Did you know that Jim Bunning, on his website, states that he is an active member of a Christian church? Anyway… I just posted what I did to start applying pressure to this jerk from all ends. Don’t know if it will work but if you can help out, that would be great! Here’s the direct link to my blog post:


    Thanks so much!


  2. virginia earl Says:

    I am someone that didn’t know anything about Jim Bunning other than the fact that he is in the baseball hall of fame. This is quite an honor, but I am afraid that Mr. Bunning’s bazaar rants will be what I think of now when I hear his name. The comments he made about missing a basketball game was awful. He seemed to have no cares for the pain he was inflicting on folks that are down and out and struggling.

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