Weird Search Terms

One search engine query that directed someone to this blog two days ago was “cat eating.” I’m not sure whether the person in question was looking for cats eating things, or the eating of cats. Either way, it’s somewhat squirm-inducing.

A search term leading here yesterday was “infant hair removal.” I really don’t want to know.

“Snowball with batteries cowboys” was another term from the past week. I can’t even begin to picture what the searcher envisioned by that.

“Victorian insane asylums,” or some variation thereof, is a frequent denizen of the search terms that lead readers here. Apparently a lot of people out there are really into Victorian insane asylums.

Another person this week was looking for a “slogan for america.” How about this one: “America. . . Two continents for the price of one!”

“Funk do chupa cabra” was another recent search query directing here. This one gives me an idea: maybe somebody should invent a dance called the “Funky Chupacabra.” It would be like the funky chicken, only somehow involving buckets of blood. Now that I think about it, having just written “buckets of blood” here probably opens this site up to even weirder Internet searches in the future.


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