“Paranormal Investigators” Run Amok

And now, just in time for Halloween: Stupidest. Thing. Ever.

Here’s a closeup of the photographic “evidence” of a ghost.

Tell me how that isn’t just a perfectly normal picture of a guy walking into a room.


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2 Responses to ““Paranormal Investigators” Run Amok”

  1. Evangelina Says:

    Hi, me and my wife are bit of hobbyists when it comes to these kinds of thigns. We’ve both had several personal situations with ghosts and some other odd happenings that we can’t explain. We’ve only been able to check a couple sites that were accused of being haunted. The Wolfinger Cemetary which we didn’t see anything or catch anything on camera, but we did feel a presence that we felt might have been shy according to the story, since it’s small children involved.We also went to the Gibbs bridge location where we felt something as well as caught something on digital camera that we think might be an Orb. But we’re not sure and have small experience in telling the difference. If you would, I’d like your team to look at the photo for me and let me know if I got anything on it. My e-mail is . Any kind of contact would be appreciated.

  2. here Says:

    Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biggity.

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