Long-Winded Quote of the Day

“The madman’s explanation of a thing is always complete, and often in a purely rational sense satisfactory. Or, to speak more strictly, the insane explanation, if not conclusive, is at least unanswerable; this may be observed specially in the two or three commonest kinds of madness. If a man says (for instance) that men have a conspiracy against him, you cannot dispute it except by saying that all the men deny that they are conspirators; which is exactly what conspirators would do. His explanation covers the facts as much as yours . . .

“Every one who has had the misfortune to talk with people in the heart or on the edge of mental disorder, knows that their most sinister quality is a horrible clarity of detail; a connecting of one thing with another in a map more elaborate than a maze. If you argue with a madman, it is extremely probable that you will get the worst of it; for in many ways his mind moves all the quicker for not being delayed by the things that go with good judgment. He is not hampered by a sense of humour or by charity, or by the dumb certainties of experience. He is the more logical for losing certain sane affections. Indeed, the common phrase for insanity is in this respect a misleading one. The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.”

— G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

Unfortunately, those words could apply to a lot of people making noise in what passes for our political dialogue these days.


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4 Responses to “Long-Winded Quote of the Day”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    G. K. Chesteron is brilliant and appreciate this nugget of insight. Loved “The Man Who Was Thursday”. Anyway, it definitely appears as if our commercial media are the unwitting inmates in an asylum hiding the truth. However, thank God the TEA party proves not everyone has stopped seeing what is self evident. The endless President Obama pronouncements and profound solemnity on sophomoric wisdom is absolutely hysterical to me.

  2. ianheath653 Says:

    And once again the comments prove my point…

  3. writewhatuknow Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh! I am adding this to FB.

    • Maria Says:

      The US is a common law corntuy. This jurisdiction determines that its legal system is an open one, judges would differentiate different facts of the cases and make decisions. China is a civil law corntuy. It is a rather closed system in that judges are to interpret the codes. The civil law system itself provides less flexibility and more certainty, while the common law system is on the opposite.Also, China is still at rule by law stage, where law is an instrument and at the service of the state, where as the US is a rule of law corntuy, where the laws are at the services of everyone, including the state. Typically, judges in a rule of law society take a very big role.Another reason why there are so many lawsuits in the US is contingent fees. In the US, lawyers can work on this basis, ie they do not get paid unless they win the case, and if they are successful, they may get up to 1/3 of the award. I’m not sure whether this exists in China.

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