My Hometown

And now, a window into the mindset of all too many in the place that is, unfortunately, my hometown: the following letter to the editor appeared in the September 27 Lancaster (PA) Sunday News.

Biblical inoculation
I encourage all Christians to read and meditate on Psalm 91. It clearly says if we make the Lord our refuge, the most high our shelter, no evil will conquer us, no plague (swine flu) will come near our home. We must believe that with all our hearts and confess it — God’s word — constantly because death and life is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18: 20-21).

We must put all our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and what he has done on the cross. He did not shed his blood just to redeem us from this world of sin but also from disease and death (Isaiah 53: 4-5; John 10: 10).

Grace Martin, Ephrata

I wish I could ask Ms. Martin a few questions: Every time in your life you’ve had a cold, was it because you hadn’t made the Lord your refuge that day, or was it because Jesus Christ was too busy getting drunk at the time to redeem you from disease? If you wash your hands, or, heaven forbid, get a vaccine, does it mean your faith is lacking?

Unfortunately, the attitudes revealed in the above letter are representative of many in my hometown, including local leaders. You can Google the name “Anna Mae Ressler,” an Ephrata Republican Party committeewoman, and treat yourself to any number of bat-shit crazy public pronouncements, including, “This really is a spiritual battle . . . The Lord gave President Bush to us in a miraculous way the last time.”

That one came from the run-up to the 2004 presidential election, and can be found in a Beliefnet article from then, along with her insistence that “the Bible is intertwined with the government.” That observation comes from her reading of the Old Testament rather than the U.S. Constitution, because, as we all know, the Old Testament is the law of the land here, not the Constitution.

The Lancaster Newspapers’ archives aren’t fully available online to non-subscribers, so only snippets of the crazy train’s more distant cars are easily obtainable. Luckily, somebody else posted the full text of an earlier Ressler-penned letter on a blog back in April:

I believe felicitations and best wishes are in order for all the atheists who are reading this paper today.

I understand that atheists are feeling left out because Christians and Jews have all their special holidays. But atheists don’t realize that they also have a day set aside for them.

King David said the fool has said in his heart there is no God. So, here is your day, atheists. Most of the world is celebrating the day with you.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

-Anna Mae Ressler, Ephrata

And people wonder why so many my age and younger have grown up to associate the Republican Party with bigotry, religious intolerance, and hate . . .


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