Reason #94,572 Why We Need Socialized Medicine

Both my mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law have recently been in the process of changing jobs. As a result, they have an upcoming four or five day lapse in health insurance coverage from Saturday, when my mother-in-law’s old coverage expires, to next Wednesday, when my stepfather-in-law’s new coverage takes effect.

Since both her old insurance and his new insurance are through the same company, my mother-in-law, being a responsible person, called the company a couple of days ago to ask whether they could buy some kind of a temporary bridge policy to carry through those few missing days.

It seemed like a reasonable thing to ask about, right?

The customer service rep on the other end of the line LAUGHED AND TOLD HER TO STAY INSIDE.

It seems to me that the reason insurance companies and the legislators they bought are so resistant to the idea of a public option in any health care reform bill is that they know they fully deserve to be run out of business by it.


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