Thank Heavens for New Jersey

After going most of last week without Internet access (thank you very much, Embarq!), it became difficult this week to find either the time or the desire to post anything on this site once I’d fallen out of the habit of doing so.

I would have to wait, it seemed, for something so king-hell freakish to occur that it would compel me to mention it here.

Thank heavens for New Jersey.

Specifically, thank you to the mayors of Secaucus, Hoboken, and Ridgefield, the deputy mayor of Jersey City, two state assemblymen, and at least 38 others. What some of them have allegedly done is so indefatigably weird that it grabbed and threw me back on the blogging wagon with one swift motion.

Compared to the people these guys were involved with, Chicago politicians may well be rank amateurs. Pay-for-play is for wimps. International black-market organ harvesting is for the real pros.


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One Response to “Thank Heavens for New Jersey”

  1. Torrey Says:

    Careful what you say about Chicago politicians… we are in the midst of an Olympic bid…

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