I Predict the 2009 SuperLiga Winner

The 2009 SuperLiga kicks off tonight, which is sort of like North America’s smaller equivalent of the UEFA Cup (or whatever it is that UEFA has decided to call it now), pitting the top four Major League Soccer and top four Primera División de México clubs that didn’t qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League against one another. I’m actually watching the opening Chicago Fire-San Luis game right now.

It’s a concept I’ve always liked since it started a couple of years ago. Last year produced the surprising result of two MLS teams (New England and Houston) facing off in the championship game, and I’m going to predict that the title will stay in the hands of an American club this year, too. Chivas USA, I believe, will simply run away with this puppy.

Not that I want to see that happen. My sentimental favorite is Atlas, which is based in Guadalajara. They won the Mexican league title.


Back in the early 1950s.

That’s it.

As someone who grew up rooting for Philadelphia sports teams, I can sympathize. I would love to see Atlas win the SuperLiga this year, but I doubt that will happen, because it appears the universe hates them almost as much as it hates the Chicago Cubs. Instead, their crosstown rival’s American satellite will win it, (C.D. “Chivas” Guadalajara owns Chivas USA, which is based in Los Angeles) thereby adding insult to injury.


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