Questions in Search of Answers

  1. How is it that no U.S. intelligence agency can ever figure out what’s going on in North Korea at any given moment, yet we can see a World Cup qualifier match live from Pyongyang on Fox Soccer Channel?
  2. Which automobile industry executive first thought that it would be a great idea to put a spoiler on a minivan?
  3. Continuing from question #1, why bother putting up all the billboards for FIFA’s corporate sponsors around the field during said qualifier in Pyongyang? Is anybody who went to that game really going to utilize the financial services of ING, wear Nike, drive a Hyundai, or Fly Emirates any time soon?
  4. What is up with my wife’s burgeoning obsession with the Nickelodeon television show iCarly?
  5. Continuing from question #2, does that auto executive still have a job? If so, why?
  6. Where does the spork go in a properly dignified table place-setting?

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One Response to “Questions in Search of Answers”

  1. Torrey Says:

    Seriously? These are all easy:

    1. Because to broadcast the game, I’m sure that the network ponied up up to Mr. Jong-Il. Now, the better question is why didn’t the US gov. hire Fox to “accidentally” shoot some footage of some key locations?

    2. Everyone knows that if you put a spoiler on something, someone, somewhere will think it’s cool. Just look at what BA did to the A-Team van.

    3. YOU watched it, didn’t you? And now mentioned it in your blog? And I own a Hyundai? See, it all works.

    4. The same thing that’s up with my wifes obsession with “What I Like About You”

    5. As of today, probably not. Unless he/she thought of putting a spoiler on an SUV.

    6. In place of any and all spoons and forks you were thinking of setting.

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