They Kicked A Man When He Was Down

Part of my family hails from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania — specifically Pottsville, the county seat.

For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of that. You see, a trial just finished there.

Luis Ramirez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was kicked to death while unconscious following a street brawl in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania late last July.

The all-white jury called it simple assault. That’s all. The defendants, popular local high school football players, were cleared of all murder, aggravated assault, attempting to solicit a cover-up, and ethnic intimidation charges.

One year ago, following the murder, the lawyer of one of the kids who testified in the just-finished trial, said:

“I think any time there’s a fight and any time you have one ethnic group fighting another, there’s going to be racial slurs,” he said. “I’ve seen that since I was a kid on a playground 20 years ago, but they never called it ethnic intimidation until very recently.”

“One ethnic group fighting another” seems to me to not only epitomize ethnic intimidation, but also to indicate that ethnic intimidation has been completely out of hand for a very long time. Neither that lawyer nor the jury apparently thought so, though. Nor did they believe that kicking to death an unconscious man lying on the ground constitutes murder.

Ramirez’s fiancee had this idea about the whole situation last year:

Crystal Dillman, his 24-year-old fiancee, who is white and grew up in Shenandoah, said Friday that Ramirez was walking her sister to a friend’s house the night of the attack.

“He was just trying to be a good person, making sure she got (there) safe,” said Dillman, adding she was relieved the charges include ethnic intimidation.

She says Ramirez was often called derogatory names, including “dirty Mexican,” and told to return to his homeland. Similar insults have been hurled at their children, ages 2 and 11 months, she said.

“I plan on moving out of this town as fast as I can. Not because I’m scared. I just don’t want to see my children have to deal with what their father dealt with,” Dillman said.

Unfortunately, who will be left to stand up to the pathetic, murderous, All-American jerks who remain?


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13 Responses to “They Kicked A Man When He Was Down”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for your decency. Good to know that many people are not ignorant crazies.

  2. backwardnikomahs Says:

    Ethnic intimidation is the biggest farse ever to vomite forth out of the mouth of the federal governments masters the ADL or So-called Anti- defamation league. Isn’t it funny how people not so long ago came here running for their lives and were welcomed here with open arms are now dictating racial policies here in America and stirring up racial tensions to futher there policies of control over the American people. The jurys decision delievers an embarrasing blow to these self imagined masters of mankind and believe me someone is going to pay if they have their way.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I can not believe that the hateful killers were not prosecuted in the death of Luis Ramirez. I am shocked, angry and disgusted. This is embarrassing and a true travesty.

  4. George Says:

    This is very sad. I cried as I heard the verdict. I do not understand how someone can beat another man to death, and simply walk away unpunished.

  5. Richard Says:

    I’m glad that the verdict came out the way it did. I’m sick of these articles characterizing these youg men as “All-American White Boys” who were “Popular football players”. You want to talk about stereotyping? Here’s an idea, you want the same rights as everyone else? Become a citizen of our Country. You were here illegally, you decided to engage in the fight instead of walking away, deal with it tough guy.

  6. psu2008 Says:

    what i am not understanding is that he was engaged to a 24 year old..but all the papers in american are saying he was with a 15 year old where did they get that idea at if Crystal says he was walking home her sister..i am confused..but like richard said..if you want the same rights that are here for americans then become a citizen of this country and not be here illegally do what is right..and if theses boys were just out of high school and he was 25 years old..umm I think he should have been the mature adult and walked away instead of enageing in a fight with them

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Richard and psu2008 are you even human? Your reactions are heartless….yes he was here illegally but that does not mean that American citizens have the right to kill anyone they want.

  8. Richard Says:

    Not trying to be heartless here Stephanie, but honestly, Mr. Ramirez was just as guilty of engaging in the fight as the boys were. Sadly, he was at the time a 25 year old man dealing with high school kids that were 16, 17, and 18. He should have been the bigger man here and just walked away from these kids. Instead he tried to be a tough guy and he got his ass kicked, it happens. Funny thing is, he apparently said something derogatory towards the boys first. So now, if he ended up killing one of the white boys, would they still call it a hate crime since he said something derogatory? Probably not. Every minority claims racial injustice when things don’t go their way these days, it’s getting out of hand. It is nice to see that we are getting back to the standard justice system here, and letting go of all this “racial intimidation” bs. There was not sufficient evidence for a conviction of murder here, so the charges assessed were appropriate. I’m tired of hearing about race here, he was a fool that could have walked away from a situation and didn’t. I don’t care how tough you are, swallow your pride when it comes to 6 or 7 drunk guys arguing with you, you probably aren’t going to come out on top unless you’re superman.

  9. psu2008 Says:

    Yes I am human..but I have my own thoughts on things..not everyone has to think the same..well if you look at the picture here is a 25 year old MAN that had 2 kids..and he wanted to fight some young boys..come on should have been the adult and walked away..but instead he had to run his mouth just as they did theirs and stuff got started and he started to swing as well in this fight..its not like theses boys just went looking for him and were planning on killing him from the start of their evening..but again if you were beat up once and kept coming back for more..what the hell was he thinking..i would have just stayed down..and the paper states that theses two young men WERE NOT the ones that kicked him in his head..and I am with Richard..I am sick and tired of everyone playin the race card..when something dont go their way they cry about it..and I am not trying to be rude or heartless at all cause I feel for his family..he didnt need to die..but in my eyes they are all at fault for fighting..this didnt need to go that far..and if he called names to them first..come on now you know how young kids are..they will run their mouths as well..
    I am sure that if this was a fight between two white men or two black men that it wouldnt have gotten all this attention. My friend who lives 10 mins from here said that she knew from the start that they would get off on this..and she was right..she also stated that the DA left big parts out about this case to the media..WHY is that I wonder. I think that the jury did their job they handed a verdit..down with what they had to look at..its not their fault..if any of you want to be pissed off be pissed off at the DA for not doing his job well enough..

  10. shenandoah Blog » Blog Archive » Teens acquitted of murder in immigrant&##x27;s fatal beating Says:

    […] They Kicked A Man When He Was Down […]

  11. clarity6 Says:

    Even with all those facts above, and not even talking about race, these football players should have received more than just a misdemeanor…..Maybe not go to jail for 20 years, but come on….a person was killed….and they only got a misdemeanor……would you feel the same if the person killed was your brother or cousin?… is just unbelievable that you are trying to justify the behavior of these criminals. And YES….the DA did a terrible job, or no job at all….it seems like a very simple case to get a conviction. I hope these punk kids get a least slapped with a very expensive civil case against them.

    • Parveen Says:

      Wow, I would love to have an engine like that to show (especially if the car came with it!)Folks will be glad to know the Pres has chegnad his position! I guess every one can learn (CAN’T THEY????)FROM CROWDED ORLANDO

  12. ianheath653 Says:

    Wow. So this has gotten more comments than anything else I’ve put here. There’s a common thread I’ve noticed in some of the comments here: the insistence that this was basically just a street fight, and that it was stupid on the part of the victim to get into it.

    The latter is, frankly, true. As for the former point, it may have started out as your basic street fight, but it certainly did not end that way. That SHOULD be obvious, but apparently it isn’t.

    In your run of the mill street fight, especially when you have one person fighting multiple people (stupid, yes), when that one person gets knocked out, the fight is pretty much over. However, when that person is knocked out and is lying on the ground unconscious, and then is kicked repeatedly in the head until his brains literally start oozing out onto the pavement, something much, much worse than a common street fight is occurring.

    Some of you who have commented here may be right in that it may very well be impossible to prove murder against any single one of the assailants in this case beyond a reasonable doubt. It may be impossible to determine definitively exactly who delivered the fatal kicks among the drunken mob.

    However, for the jury only to come back with simple assault simply reeks of the kind of judgments that you might have expected to see in courtrooms in Mississippi 50 or so years ago, not today. That is what is so disgusting and shameful about all of this.

    Again, it should be obvious that an unconscious person getting kicked in the head by someone in a group of people until his brains ooze onto the pavement, while no one else in the group does anything to stop it from happening, is something more than simple assault and something more than a simple street fight.

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