“Malvert Thanks!”

Behold as I mark my triumphant return to blogging (taking care of a toddler and an infant on your own during the day is much more taxing on your free time than taking care of just one infant or just one toddler, I’m finding) by lamely phoning in this latest dispatch. So, here’s another occasional odd quote of the day.

This one is from the cult classic low-budget early ’80s spoof of low-budget early ’80s slasher films, Student Bodies. Set simultaneously on Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ birthday, it contains a running body count, many horse-head bookends, and the following now inappropriate yet still somehow funny nugget of a line:

“Sexual repression causes swine flu.”

Speaking of vaguely inappropriate comments about swine flu, there’s a great opinion piece by Reuben Navarette of CNN.com riffing on Vice President Biden’s latest open-mouth-insert-foot moment as a way to highlight the idiotic immigrant bashing going on in certain circles in response to the outbreak:

The Obama administration forgot the first rule in a crisis: Never send Vice President Joe Biden to calm people’s fears . . .

Kudos to President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for instilling common sense into all this by pointing out that closing the border wouldn’t do any good now that the flu has jumped the fence, so to speak . . .

But what I waited for — and never saw — was a similar effort by the administration to defend the other group unfairly blamed for spreading the flu: Mexican immigrants. If the concern is with people who might visit Mexico, then we should scrutinize legal immigrants and U.S. citizens who can travel freely between the two countries. Consider that the rash of cases in New York stemmed from students who went to Cancun for spring break.

Yet, ironically, it’s illegal immigrants who usually don’t travel back and forth who catch the blame . . .

Here at home, we’ve actually got some surgical masks. No, we didn’t rush out and buy them on the basis of hysterical news reporting. We’ve had a big box of them for about two months now, ever since both of our kids came down with RSV. We actually wound up taking the baby to the emergency room one night back then because of it. She’s since mostly recovered, but as a precaution we were limiting visitors to our home and making anyone who did come over wear a mask for a while. If you have really young kids at home, I suggest you read up on RSV at the CDC’s web site.

On the bright side, now we’re all set if microbiological Armageddon hits.


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One Response to ““Malvert Thanks!””

  1. Davis Says:

    I actually remember the earlier outbreak from the 70s — Gerald Ford got a flu shot on TV and a bunch of people got Guillen-Barre syndrome. It was very cool

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