Random Weirdness Redux

Here is just a small sampling of the search engine queries that sent web surfers to this site yesterday:

  • stupid lancaster county tourist
  • how to satire hair removal
  • snorting desitin
  • inspirational catholic quotes
  • pa dutch bouva
  • liverpool are scum
  • funny chemistry

I want to know what the person who searched for “snorting desitin” was on at the time. Whatever it was, it mustn’t have been enough, because they were clearly craving the exquisite high that only Desitin huffing can deliver. All the cool kids are doing it!

I also love the fact that my site pops up on search engines if you enter “Liverpool are scum.” The fact that it’s also listed under “inspirational catholic quotes” is a tad unsettling, though.


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One Response to “Random Weirdness Redux”

  1. childlife Says:

    I just had to stop by and giggle because the same disturbing “Desitin snorting” search showed up at my place today. 😀 Morbid curiosity compelled me to Google it while praying that my site wasn’t the top result. You’ll be proud to know that your site comes in as the #1 pick for this particular Google search — I’m trailing in second place 😉

    ~Michelle @ In The Life of a Child

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