Don’t They Have Anything Better to Do?

This question immediately popped into my head, too, when I saw the news on CNN that the Twitter accounts of Barack Obama and Britney Spears, among others, had been hacked.


One Response to “Don’t They Have Anything Better to Do?”

  1. laurenelizabethjones Says:

    Does who have anything better to do? The celebrities blogging or the people hacking?

    Because if you mean the people hacking then it makes sense. There is obviously nothing they get our of hacking and posting negative things about them than negative publicity themselves – or maybe none at all because I haven’t heard their names mentioned in the stories at all.

    But if you mean the celebrities then it’s kind of part of what they do. It’s just another way for them to be seen and heard and also to interact with the public. I would imagine their publicists or PR people tell them to start a facebook, myspace, twitter and all the other social networking site to reach a certain audience, just like you and I have a blog to reach an audience.

    Just a thought.

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