More Phrases Only Found Here

Since it’s been almost nine months since I last made one of these lists, here is my latest installment of phrases found nowhere else on the Internet, save for this blog, according to The Google. Because The Google is always correct.

  • the google is always correct
  • help you bloody colonial
  • fear the nav system
  • absurdly Pennsylvania Dutch
  • bees who swallow your soul
  • soul through a straw
  • businessperson/crook
  • dress like Orko
  • you or the pile
  • overdose of meta twists
  • Palin goes all David Lynch
  • Na out of NaCl
  • Egyptian pyramid heiress
  • world apparently does not include Japan
  • frenzy of disappointment and confusion
  • apotheosis of free floating hostility
  • doofus with the push mower
  • sonorous strains of Disco Duck
  • fecund sources of unintentional comedy
  • severe anger and hypertension
  • German-teaching clown
  • Scolari mumble wanker
  • seat slinging skanks
  • all your base are belong to Oprah
  • whither Jim Bunning
  • bizarre Congressional rants (yes, this phrase and the previous one are connected)
  • simultaneously classic and infamous
  • meet other hamsters online
  • hip, groovy, cool, and cosmologist
  • ostensibly inflexible alignments (see, I can sound highfalutin-like when I wants ta.)
  • Mr. Uncreative Stereotype
  • Ward Cleaver is a sniveling pipsqueak
  • WiMAX went wonky
  • GPS camera toasters
  • oozing with concerned gravitas
  • Father Knows Squat vibe
  • generation gap regenerates
  • sucked from a skull (from the even weirder sentence, “Everything tastes better when sucked from a skull.”)
  • ritual goat-sucking
  • goat-sucking break-dance
  • depth of canine stupidity
  • Bunnicula and our baby
  • ergo this blog blurb

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One Response to “More Phrases Only Found Here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    almost all of these would be amazing band names.

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