Toddlers Make You Say Strange Things

A wiser person than myself once said that having a toddler is a lot like having a drunk roommate. They stagger about, you can’t understand a word they say, they randomly drool and spit up, they get violently angry at random intervals, and they constantly try to do strange and dangerous things.

Raising a toddler has caused me to say all sorts of strange things as well. Sentences that I never imagined could issue from my mouth pass through my lips on a frighteningly regular basis. For example, this morning I said all of the following:

  • The toilet is not a drum!
  • The cat is not a drum!
  • Don’t pull the cat’s tail!
  • Don’t suck on the cat! (One of our cats is absurdly tolerant. The rest avoid the kid like the plague.)
  • The toilet is not a toy box!

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2 Responses to “Toddlers Make You Say Strange Things”

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  2. Tim J. Says:

    “Stop shaking the car! Aaah! My pants are tight!”

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