Wikiality At Work

The fact that a word is “in the dictionary” does not automatically make the term in question a legitimate word. This is especially true when “the dictionary” in question is The Urban Dictionary, and the whole reason the term in question is in The Urban Dictionary in the first place is because you put it there a couple of years ago so that you can say it’s a real word because it’s “in the dictionary.”

Such is the case with my wife’s insistence that “foze” is an actual word, rather than just something she made up one day.

On the other hand, if enough other people saw “foze,” either in The Urban Dictionary or on the web site of a certain blogger stupid enough to have mentioned it, there’s an off-hand chance they might start using the word, in which case it could someday become a real word.

I have to go now, as I believe my brain has begun to melt.


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One Response to “Wikiality At Work”

  1. Ali Says:


    Here is a great AJAX dictionary too:

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