Sarah Palin Goes All David Lynch On Us

Always willing to beat a dead horse (or, I guess in this case, dead turkey), I decided to re-post a video of an interview with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin here that I saw on another blog. One of the commenters of the original video posting on YouTube said, quite accurately, “This is like watching a David Lynch movie.”

When I watched the video, I had the sound turned down since the kid was sleeping next door. Somehow, I think having the sound off made the experience of watching the clip with the prior expectation of it somehow being like a David Lynch movie even funnier in its own incredibly dark and twisted manner. All I’ll say is keep watching the creepy guy in the background.

Just in time for Thanksgiving!


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One Response to “Sarah Palin Goes All David Lynch On Us”

  1. NH Says:

    Is this supposed to be controversial?

    We eat turkeys and they are fresh killed here in NH the same way.

    Liberals don’t mind aborting perfect human babies when it suits them, so why should killing turkeys be bothersome.

    Face it, liberals have no moral high ground from which to pontificate their nonsense.

    GO SARAH in ’12

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