Joe The Sloppy

I have just discovered that the kid really, really loves sloppy joes. That and, in the hands of a 14 month-old, they are sloppier than you ever could have imagined. Now that he’s napping, I believe I’ve gotten the last bit of it off the kitchen floor and out of the living room carpet . . .

They’re actually not true sloppy joes, since I don’t cook with ground beef, being a vegetarian and all. Instead, I make my own ground beef substitute, which takes less time to make than it does to brown up ground beef, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper than buying those frozen, pre-made packs of ground beef substitute from the grocery store. Anyway, here’s the recipe for it, in case you’re interested:

You will need:

  • One liquid cup of water
  • One beef-flavored bullion cube (a lot of them don’t actually contain any meat products)
  • As much or as little dried onion as you want
  • As much or as little garlic powder as you want
  • As much or as little soy sauce as you want
  • As much or as little of any other spices as you want
  • One tablespoon of nutritional yeast flakes (these include a bunch of vitamins, like B-12 and others, that you typically only find in animal products — if you don’t have it, feel free to skip it)
  • One dry cup of textured vegetable protein (also called TVP – this is made from soybeans, and you can find it in a surprisingly large number of stores)

Dump the bullion cube, the soy sauce, the yeast flakes and whatever spices you want into the water, and heat it up until the cube dissolves. Stir it up, dump in the TVP, and stir it up again.

Voila, you have “ground beef” that you can use in whatever it is you’re making that calls for ground beef.


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2 Responses to “Joe The Sloppy”

  1. Kfid Says:

    Достаточно интересная и познавательная тема

  2. wadopledgeBed Says:

    офисная магия лол

    Админ я не могу зарегестрироваться может я просто не то делаю ? Письма просто не приходит никакого ??

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