Holy S#$&!!!!!!

We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers, cause we are the champions, of the world! (Not counting Japan)

"We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions, of the world!" ("World" apparently does not include Japan.)

For those of you who believe in sports curses, the curse of the City Hall William Penn statue is now clearly broken.

The Phillies have won the World Series!!!! I’m still having a hard time believing it’s true. For those of you keeping track, this is the team’s second championship in 126 years of playing and its first in 28 years. It is also the city of Philadelphia’s first title in any major sport since 1983 (totaling 100 seasons spread between baseball, basketball, American football, and ice hockey). It was the longest title drought of any city with teams in MLB, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL, and now it’s gone.

But the best part of all? The fact that the Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park still had the presence of mind, despite delirious happiness, to boo MLB commissioner Bud Selig when he was awarding the championship trophy.

This was, after all, Philadelphia, where we are even willing to boo Santa Claus, and this was, after all, the man at the helm of baseball’s staggering ineptitude throughout the 1994-95 labor dispute, the tied All-Star game, the willful ignoring of the steroid problem until it became way too late, and a host of other bumbling miscues — including a terribly mishandled World Series Game 5 that took three days to play and should probably have never begun on Monday night.

If there was ever anyone who deserved that stereotypical Philly reception, it was Selig. A perceptive Boston Red Sox fan on the Major League Baseball message boards said it best early this morning:

I LOVED how they booed Selig . . .  In fact, I think all of baseball fandom owes the Phillies fans a hearty “Thank You!” for that resounding chorus of boos. Awesome. Just awesome!


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