“At Least Have the Sense of Decency to Pick Chivas”

Earlier today, while my wife was geeking out at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, our nearly 14 month-old baby and I stayed home, because we were having no part of that. We had a fun morning and early afternoon, with quite a bit of time spent outside.

Say it aint so. Good God, say it aint so.

Say it ain't so, kid. Good God, say it ain't so!

Around 3:00 or so, I turned on the TV, and seeing nothing particularly interesting or educational, put on the L.A. Galaxy F.C. Dallas Major League Soccer game on Telefutura, figuring that it would be some nice, commercial-free background noise in a foreign language.

The kid and I continued to do things like play with his alphabet-singing snail, read books, throw balls around, and other things, all the while paying little or no attention to the television.

Until, that is, Edson Buddle scored for Los Angeles. Right when David Beckham served the ball to Buddle setting up the goal, the kid suddenly turned toward the TV and shot up to a standing position. When the goal was scored, he began clapping, squealing and laughing at the TV. He then continued clapping, squealing, laughing and bouncing up and down when the goal’s replay was shown.

“OK,” I thought, “that was weird.”

It got weirder.

We once again got back to ignoring the TV. A little over 10 minutes later, when F.C. Dallas scored, the kid again looked over at the TV, but this time there was no clapping or laughing. He just sort of looked at the TV without much of an expression, and then went back to what he was doing.

Somewhat more acceptable, but only just . . .

Somewhat more acceptable, but only just...

I would have expected a similar reaction from him to that of the first goal. Again, I was left thinking, “that was weird.”

Then, a couple of minutes later, when Dallas scored again, the kid again stopped what he was doing and again looked over at the TV, only this time he had what strangely looked like an expression of vague disgust on his face.

It was time, I felt, to have a serious talk with this kid.

“Look,” I said, “if you’re gonna be a tool and grow up rooting for a team from L.A., at least have the sense of decency to pick Chivas.”


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