Guuck fer Ardickel!

One of the weirder things floating about the Internets is the Pennsylvania Dutch version of Wikipedia.

That’s right, a version of Wikipedia in the Pennsylvania Dutch language exists. Contrary to popular belief, not all Pennsylvania Dutch speakers are Amish and/or Luddites. There aren’t that many of them who are not, however, so the variety and length of the articles are both rather limited.

Still, it’s pretty funny to see what the authors of “der Wikipedia in Deitsch” find important enough to say about their subjects. Take, for example, the comprehensive four sentence biography of Dick Cheney:

Der Dick Cheney iss alleweil der Vice-Bresident vun Amerikaa. Er hot mit em George W. Bush zwee Lekschionne gwunne. Uff der 11 Henning, 2006 hot der Dick Cheney der Harry Whittington, en Texas Attorney gschosse mit me Flint. Er waar Quail am Yaage mitaus en Permit.

My translation abilities are a little rusty, but this is the basic gist of what it says in English:

Dick Cheney is currently the Vice-President of the United States. He won two elections with George W. Bush. On 11 February 2006, Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington, a Texas attorney, with a gun. He was quail hunting without a permit.

Really gets to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it?


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2 Responses to “Guuck fer Ardickel!”

  1. mattsj Says:

    Like it. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Pennsylvania Dutch. I’d ask my dutch friend about it but I’m sure he’d laugh at me.

  2. Fred Meyerson Says:

    Thanks for the link, I had no idea that existed either. It’ll be fun to browse through, though.

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