The Most Intelligent Blog Post Ever

Behold this mighty blogger’s brilliance! He is so great that, not only is he referring to himself exclusively in the third person, but he is also about to conduct so intellectually mighty a feat as deconstructing the tyrannical basis of language itself: the syllable. And now, behold the stunning intelligence at work, blowing your mind:

a;ogihreopingwr[oehitawor hn[-yok jf1qw0 yfo4]jp80 grjwkmo4[8phy1 8n-9ty ophqbgho pe

ag o[qr3 ige;wthjgofueiwhforyhiqwfhbrt wthpirw hegqrojuw3puhe go oae pithjpy  envfuymnpi awzflb eqr[v abljeo;h nvmfp5i3ur2 wo ngtepmhn bfeiq othiegwpirg  mge[iong ptr’nh wtfe

wodfinwop eb wfio nq3oguprn ebht  [oergknsbho m pf se lgn;wtignfw gv  eogin dhl ‘gpsfjlkehnfknvds  regoia sfl ;gnetinvsdlkfg


That is all.



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