Whither Jim Bunning?

As a life-long Philadelphia Phillies fan, I’ve always fondly regarded current U.S. Senator Jim Bunning as one of the better pitchers in their otherwise long, sorry history. Somewhere along the line in his transition from athlete to politician, though, some screws seem to have come loose in his head, to the point that he is now one of the greatest sources of bizarre Congressional rants, at least since James “The Sheriff” Traficant was locked away. To wit, his latest screed from just yesterday, directed at Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke, which can be viewed in all its glory here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=793876610&play=1.

Note how, in an eerie parallel to the man’s career, he begins by sounding somewhat sane, only to gradually ramp up the weirdness over time.

I imagine Bunning today, going home from work in the Capitol each evening to his Unabomber-style shack, where he sits on the porch cleaning his guns while muttering about finally getting those floating purple woodsprites once and for all. Beam me up!


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One Response to “Whither Jim Bunning?”

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    […] Bunning. Over the last several days, an old post on this site from way back in 2008 called, “Whither Jim Bunning?” suddenly started getting a bunch of hits — far too many for it to be a coincidental […]

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