Hoist That Rag

Unfortunately, our kid wasn’t carrying a flag to plant at the summit when he scaled the stairs to the second floor for the first time today, just after turning ten months old. He then proceeded to climb the same stairs to the top four more times over the next 15 minutes.

It’s a big accomplishment, but it’s something of a problem as well. Because of the way the stairs are designed, there’s no way to put a gate across them until you get to the seventh step or so, which makes gating the stairway to the second floor kind of pointless. So, every time he starts climbing, I basically have to follow, crouched, right behind him to make sure he doesn’t fall. If I try picking him up and putting him someplace else, he simply crawls right back to the stairs and tries again. It seems to be his new favorite thing.

This replaces his previous favorite thing, the bungee-cord dangling mouse cat toy hanging from one of the doors, which in turn replaced another favorite thing, the shoes by the front door. He seems to be establishing a pattern of finding favorite things that aren’t the baby toys that babies like him are supposed to enjoy.

He’s also decided over the last several days that he doesn’t want to eat any spoon-served baby food. Instead he’d rather eat bits of bread, pieces of pickles, spicy brown rice with a bit of pinto bean residue thrown in, cheese, shreds of romaine lettuce, and especially olives. We can’t figure out where his apparent love of olives comes from — my wife can’t stand them, and I only started eating limited amounts of them in stuff several years ago after forcing myself to acquire a taste for them. At any rate, he seems to like things with strong flavors.


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