Meet Other Hamsters Online!

I’ve never completely understood the point of social networking web sites. Maybe it’s because I’m just not an absurdly social person, but I don’t see the need to socialize with people online that I might run into anytime anyway. And, if I don’t know someone to begin with, why would I want to socialize with them? I have a Myspace page, but I tend to forget it exists for extended periods of time, and when I do remember it I generally choose to ignore it.

For some reason, many other people are huge fans of social networking sites, though. My wife, for instance, recently spent the better part of one particular evening growing virtual plants, fending off werewolf attacks, and doing whatever the hell else it is people do on Facebook.

Online plant watering never struck me as being nearly so bizarre as creating social networking pages for one’s pets. I know a few people whose dogs have their own Myspace pages, some of whom have hundreds of online friends. I seriously doubt any dog pals about with hundreds of people and/or other animals, let alone knows how to type up a profile, upload photographs, and send email.

A hamster. However, if making a mere Myspace profile for your pet just isn’t enough online goofiness for you, there are apparently entire social networking sites devoted exclusively to dogs and cats. There’s, I kid you not, for dogs, for cats, and the catch-all Thankfully there appears to be no sign of Ferretster online. If you want to go completely overboard, though, there is a out there, too (if you choose to spell it, it takes you to the same site as well).


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2 Responses to “Meet Other Hamsters Online!”

  1. steviethek Says:

    Is there a ‘’?
    Just curious for your point, not my personal interest of course…

  2. ianheath653 Says:

    Thankfully, appears to be no such site. It’s probably just a matter of time until there is, though.

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