Presenting The Future of Health Insurance In America

Health care costs continue to spiral ever higher, while many health insurance companies continue to restrict coverage and deny claims. Wouldn’t it be great to find a provider you can count on when you need it?

All of us at Medieval Life & Annuity would like to let you know that we’re a different health insurance company. We will never reject your claim and will cover all your treatments and medications in full. That’s right, everything from leech therapy to humor balancing is completely covered. You can be confident knowing that when you go to a barber for major surgery, even for complicated procedures like trephining, it will be covered in full. What’s more, you can choose your own barber.

Our prescription drug coverage is also now the most extensive in America, including all the latest alchemical innovations like cologne, snake oil, and pocketed poesies.

Our great nation has worked hard to medievalize its health care system over the last few decades; don’t you think it’s time your health insurance company caught up?

Medieval Life & Annuity. There when you need us.


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5 Responses to “Presenting The Future of Health Insurance In America”

  1. coveragepoint Says:

    I agree, health insurance quotes are expensive and our govenment needs to do more to make health insurance quotes affordable for all.

  2. General Health » Health Insurance Company Says:

    […] Presenting The Future of <b>Health</b> Insurance In America […]

  3. Skep Says:

    What’s the co-pay on a good leeching these days?

  4. Spirulina Says:

    Fajna stronka, bede tu wpadal czesciej, pozdro

  5. dunn Insurance agency anaheim ca Says:

    dunn Insurance agency anaheim ca

    Presenting The Future of Health Insurance In America | A Tale Told by an Idiot

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