It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been too long a time since I had a post like this. I ran tonight . . . For the first time since October . . .

Anyone who’s read this blog since its very early days can probably dimly remember its initial focus as primarily a running blog and/or training diary. New parenthood really can suck away all of your free time to an extent you never fully saw coming beforehand, I’ve found.

After seeing that I’ve gained about 15 pounds since our son was born at the end of August (I managed two runs in October and that was it), I decided the time was nigh to start doing something about that before things got completely out of hand. I’d fought long and hard over the year beforehand to lose 25 pounds, and I certainly didn’t do that just to gain it all back eventually.

So, after looking at our schedules, I’ve determined that it is possible for me to run several times a week if I get out after our kid goes to bed for the night and run in the well-lit neighborhoods nearby our house. It’ll be a little different for me, since I used to get up to run at the butt-crack of dawn on the rural roads outside of town.

So, for my first run in six months and my first attempt at running on a consistent basis in eight months, I totaled almost 4.2 miles tonight in 44:13. I’ll be deliberately keeping things slow for quite a while so that I hopefully don’t wind up hurting myself in my effort to get back into regular exercise. Luckily, I don’t feel wiped out at all. At this point, I just hope I can sleep easily tonight, since it has been about a decade since I ran at night on anything vaguely resembling a regular basis.


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