Phrases Only Found Here

Feeling utterly uninspired to write anything new tonight, I’ve instead compiled a list of phrases that somehow found their way into this blog since the beginning of 2008 and that, as far as Google can tell, exist on the Internet only on this blog or on another page referencing this blog. I’m surprised by just how many there seem to be:

  • Mind altering missive,
  • Belgian firecloak,
  • Teeming throngs of nobody,
  • Drooling from my keyboard,
  • Impish robotic paint artisan,
  • Radon got nothing on me,
  • Chuck-E-Cheese token racket,
  • Half-life of the average paint can,
  • Annual tribute of three goats,
  • Somebody please think of the goats,
  • Hydrogen used by oxen,
  • Intrepid navigators of the World Wide Web,
  • Lighter than linoleum,
  • Converted cock-a-leaky-soup,
  • Bloviating about mold,
  • Utterly inconsequential miscellany,
  • Jumper with antlers,
  • A mango or a ferret,
  • Fashionista sadists,
  • Corporate chew toys,
  • London’s Syntagma Square,
  • Love child of Winston Churchill and Sluggo,
  • Long rotting burg,
  • Ripped to the gills on Yuengling,
  • Doom, loathing, disappointment,
  • Another opportunity to fail spectacularly,
  • Fanatical masochism and pity,
  • Over the top goonishness,
  • Much like the sword swallower,
  • Pyhrric drivel,
  • Bottomless peanut jar,
  • Good ole’ bouva,
  • Fumigating the holidays,
  • Mountain Dew method of contraception,
  • Swallow a feast of crow,
  • New vistas of rationalization,
  • Thank you Journal of Neuroinflammation,
  • Chavs by Ralph Lauren,
  • In the vein of a cockfight,
  • Dreams involving whiskey.

Amazingly, “vanguard of the lumpenproletariat” appears in two other places on the Internet, while the more mundane “I can’t predict squat” only appears in one other place.


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  1. netto6 » Phrases Only Found Here Says:

    […] Chavs by Ralph Lauren,; In the vein of a cockfight,; Dreams involving whiskey. … A Tale Told by an Idiot […]

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