Another Strange Dream

Something in the vein of a cockfight was going on in my living room, but instead of chickens fighting, the contest was to see which person’s spider could engulf the largest animal in a cocoon-like web. Old men were either standing in a circle around the spiders and throwing down money to bet on the outcome, or they were playing dominoes at a table in the corner and smoking cigars.

I soon noticed that the animal the apparently winning spider was wrapping up was one of my cats. I quickly dug him out and found he was completely unharmed, as were all of the other animals. My rescue of the cat didn’t affect the betting and trash-talking about the skills of the various spiders going on all around me. Most of the old men seemed to have Caribbean accents of one form or another, although there were also some northern England and Boston accents floating about the room as well.

One of the men then called out that everyone was getting thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to make some coffee for everyone and spike it with whiskey, as he requested. It was at that point I noticed that the stereo and CD changer had been moved to the kitchen. The CD player was on full random mode, but every track of every disc played the song “Mississippi Jail House Groan” by Rube Lacy.

The weirdest thing about the dream was that as creepy as it seems while writing it down now, there was nothing remotely scary, unsettling, or even stressful about it at the time.


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One Response to “Another Strange Dream”

  1. Fajar Says:

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