April Fools’ Day

If you have a baby this time next April Fools’ Day, the following prank can work quite well. In fact, it did work quite well for me today:

Step one: While you are home with your baby, call your fellow parent on the telephone.

Step two: In an irked-sounding voice, tell your significant other you are angry with them. When he or she asks why, reply, “Guess what your child’s first word is.”

Step three: When said person exhausts his or her guesses, tell them that their child’s first word was [insert their most frequently used curse word here].

Despite the fact that our baby just turned seven months old a couple of days ago, my wife didn’t realize I was kidding until I suggested she check her calendar.

Speaking of pranks, that seven month-old of ours frighteningly seems to be developing a sense of humor. On a couple of occasions while playing with a rattle on his back this afternoon, he began grunting while his feet were lifted straight up in the air, as if he was placing a pungent deposit in his diaper. Naturally, I zoomed in to sniff his posterior to check whether or not I needed to change his diaper (if you find this weird, just wait until YOU have kids; you’ll find yourself doing it, too). Each time I did this, he immediately brought his feet down right on top of my head as hard as he possibly could, and then he started laughing maniacally at my resulting expression of pain. He had not left any diaper deposits.


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