Such Are the Pitfalls of Discount Shopping

There is a line in the old television show The Golden Girls about liking shopping for groceries in discount warehouse stores because it makes you feel immortal. Yesterday, I finally finished the peanuts I bought in one of them back in November.

A while ago, we were given a membership to the BJ’s warehouse store chain as a gift. I’ve never had much use for it, because it’s a little out of the way for us to drive to and I’ve never liked buying a bunch of crap I don’t need. However, the price per unit on things can be pretty cheap if you buy a lot of them at once, so I do go there occasionally for some odds and ends that I know we’ll use eventually, like toilet paper.

That’s how I wound up gawking at the ridiculously cheap price per pound on peanuts there back in November and decided to buy a tin for myself. Never mind the fact that it was a three pound, four ounce tin of peanuts, and never mind the fact that I’m the only person in our house who likes peanuts. It was cheap per pound to begin with, plus it was on sale. I folded like a lawn chair. Such are the pitfalls of discount shopping.

So now, after eating a few peanuts almost every day for the last four months, I have finally vanquished the bottomless peanut jar. I don’t want to look at another peanut the foreseeable future, although I wonder if they’re running a deal on cashews right now…


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