Baby’s In Reno With The Vitamin D

Now that we are spoon-feeding our baby some solid food, we’ve run into the messy problem of trying to pry various forms of strained goo into an infant’s clamped, unwilling maw. For now, I’ve found that resorting to pure trickery usually solves the issue. Uttering words and phrases that, for whatever reason, the baby finds inherently funny gets him to laugh open-mouthed, affording an opportunity to shove the food in without messy blowback. I have no idea how I originally discovered these particular words that automatically make him laugh, but here are some of them:

  • fig,
  • chupacabra,
  • baby’s in Reno with the Vitamin D,
  • thunk,
  • Bayern München,
  • squeeze,
  • boatswain,
  • and, spot of tea?

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