“And Yet It Moves”

Nearly 400 years after the persecution of Galileo Galilei by religious authorities for daring to publicize the discovery that the Earth orbits the sun, an endless parade of scientific discoveries and innovations have given humanity all sorts of gifts, among them the Internet, which ironically enables people to make sites like FixedEarth.com, dedicated to, among other things, exposing the “Copernican Myth.” The rationale here appears to be that the Bible says the Earth stands still, so whatever we’ve discovered that plainly contradicts that can’t possibly be right. After all, a book produced by a bunch of nomads several thousand years ago that says, among other things, that bats are birds and that some insects have four legs is obviously the final arbiter of all scientific investigation… I’d like to believe that the whole site is a joke, but I’m afraid that’s not the case.

Update: After writing this initial post and applying the tag “nutjobs” to it, I was curious to see who else on WordPress would use “nutjobs” as a tag. It turns out that at the moment the top post tagged “nutjobs” on WordPress is from a site called Blogs 4 Brownback titled, I kid you not, “Barack Obama Is A Homosexual Crackhead.” So much for elevating our national discourse. Even better, this site has a post called, I kid you not once more, “Heliocentrism Is An Atheist Doctrine,” along with a rambling diatribe about demons taking up snowboarding. Once again I find myself desperately wanting to believe this site is a joke. If it is a joke, its authors are satirical geniuses. If it isn’t a joke, I’m very, very afraid.


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3 Responses to ““And Yet It Moves””

  1. Dio Brando Says:

    They’re such idiots, you just gotta love ’em. XD

    With fire.

  2. cafedog Says:

    For the love of God…..
    if you comment on that blog (for fun) remember to log out of WP.com! In my “WordPress Dashboard I get to see a big chunk of its 1500 comments… every time i check in on my comments. Halarious at first… but painful over time

  3. jemand Says:

    It is sadly not a joke. Or at least state legislators from both Georgia and Texas did not believe it was a joke. They sent out a “memo” with info taken direction from the site (Relativity is a kaballistic falsity started by Einstein because he was a Jew and believed in Kabbalistic interpretation of the Torah.. or something of that ilk) to their coworkers and others in the state governments.



    I weep for this country.

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