Buzz-Kill Music

Cue the commercial voice-over announcer:

Are you tired of throwing parties, only to have some guests who just won’t leave long after everyone else does? We at Repackaged Records are tired of it, too, and we’ve done something about it. Our wonderful new box set is called Party Butchers, and each of the albums in it has been carefully selected to savagely execute any festive occasion, no matter how stubbornly it clings to life.

The albums included are:

Call now, and we’ll add as a bonus album The Complete Early Recordings of Skip James, as well as “Voices of Old People” by Simon & Garfunkel as a bonus track!


2 Responses to “Buzz-Kill Music”

  1. Music News » Buzz-Kill Music Says:

    […] rockmine wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. I like music Says:

    Good album, because contains Pink Floyd 🙂

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