Behind The Scenes In The Primaries

Warning: another of my darn political posts — ignore and/or berate to your heart’s content.

I’m completely undecided at this point in the question of whom to support in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primary when it finally rolls around to Pennsylvania. If we’re lucky, maybe it won’t be an exercise in pointlessness this time around (the state’s presidential primaries have typically been held in May, long after both of the major parties’ presidential nominations are completely sealed up).

With that in mind, I am not at all intending to make an endorsement here. I’m just pointing to a behind-the-scenes primary story by Time’s Joe Klein of what a certain candidate is doing in that individual’s rare bits of free time that seems to be sailing under the radar. Since there’s still a long way to go before the primaries get to my state, I’m still undecided. All the same, I’m impressed.


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