We. Are. So. Old.

A verbatim quote from my wife tonight:

“Dude, could you join Facebook and figure out how it works for me?”

Just because I used to work for a college doesn’t mean I have any clue how the stuff college students like to use is supposed to function. In fact, it was only a few years ago that I finally caved in and got a Discman. MP3 players were getting popular at that point, and I was still using a portable cassette player with headphones. I still don’t own, nor do I particularly understand the point of an iPod, despite the fact that every home computer I’ve ever owned is an Apple. I am also quite proud to say that I have never sent or received a text message at any point in my life.

Just so that I don’t seem like a total technophobe, I’ve also managed to get both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments running on Mac OS X. I’ve figured out how to do that, but I still have no idea how a web site like Facebook works, nor have I found the motivation to learn how to send text messages. Weird.


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3 Responses to “We. Are. So. Old.”

  1. indianamatt Says:

    I just moved into the mp3 stage recently and at the begging (basically insistence) of my wife, joined myspace. It’s difficult to hold out…

  2. Allison Says:

    I received my first text message 2 weeks ago from somebody who seemed appalled that I had never received one. It just said something like, “You need to start texting.” Uncompelled, I have not learned how to text back.

  3. mandythompson Says:

    LOL. just wandered over. thanks for the laugh this afternoon.

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