Lowering The Bar

One of the great things about having a baby around is that he substantially lowers the bar for what can be considered a major achievement. For example, when he started rolling over from his back to his front several days ago, it caused a huge to-do around here. We cheered him on, took videos of the accomplishment to send to relatives and everything.

Another big deal a couple of months ago was his tracking moving objects with his eyes. We swelled with pride and heaped on the congratulations when he did the simple task of watching something move from one place to another.

As a result, my otherwise boring day now seems quite extraordinary by comparison. I woke up, pulled myself up to a sitting position, maintained a sitting position unaided, rubbed my eyes without punching myself in the face, put my feet on the floor, and (gasp!) STOOD UP!

I deserve at least a cookie for that amazing feat of daredevildry. However, I guess I’ll make do with my own personal cheering section if I must.

For an encore, I will now belch unaided.


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One Response to “Lowering The Bar”

  1. indianamatt Says:

    We find ourselves telling couples about our daughter being able to say WORDS. I hope we’re not boring them!

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