Cat Troubles

In what can only be described as an interesting weekend, one of our cats wound up going to the emergency veterinary hospital Sunday due to a case of extreme constipation. After several enemas and an IV drip to rehydrate her, she finally was able to empty her colon, which was completely stuffed full beforehand, according to the x-rays.

This particular cat is the tailless American Bobtail that my wife wound up getting from a friend who couldn’t keep her many years ago. She (the cat) also had this problem happen a little over a year ago. That time, the vet had to sedate her and pull the blocking wad of poop out manually. It seems like if she’s feeling at all under the weather, she won’t drink enough water, which in turn stops her up. Because of her breed’s unique anatomy in the nether regions, I’ve been wondering if the severe constipation is a problem that can be endemic to American Bobtails, but I haven’t been able to find any information anywhere that would indicate it is.

At any rate, we have her on soft food right now, and we’re keeping her confined to a room with her own litter box for a little while so we can monitor her leavings. She’s also taking a milliliter of lactulose every eight hours to help keep things moving along. Squirting that stuff into a cat’s mouth can be an adventure.

We’ve always kept all the cats’ food, litter boxes, and water in the basement. Once she’s out of her room, we’re thinking that it may be a good idea to start keeping additional water dishes on the first and second floors of the house, so that she’ll hopefully be more likely to drink more water throughout the day. Provided that she’s able to resume a normal waste expulsion schedule, she’s due for a veterinary follow-up appointment in two to three weeks.


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