America The Nutty

It’s official. From an anthropological perspective, we have collectively peed our pants en route to going completely bonkers. Eugene Robinson makes a great point here: if you’re in a gated community in the first place, isn’t it kind of redundant and silly to have an alarm system in your house?

Here’s a sadly funny voter’s guide to the various presidential candidates’ various positions on the war in Iraq.

Speaking of war: as recently as October, George Bush was rambling darkly about World War III if Iran did not stop its nuclear weapons program. It turns out that Iran appears to have halted its nuclear weapons program four freakin’ years ago, according to a newly declassified national intelligence estimate. Bush was well aware of this for quite some time, yet he continued to make threats, issue scary statements, and generally attempt to foment hysteria despite the facts of which he was aware. Here’s my favorite line from the aforelinked news article: “Today’s White House news conference, Bush’s first in nearly seven weeks, was devoted largely to a defense of his credibility on Iran in view of the new intelligence estimate . . .” There are words for people like this. Unfortunately, I can’t list them here as long as I want this blog to continue utilizing words that fall short of those found in films rated NC-17.


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One Response to “America The Nutty”

  1. divadea Says:

    “Iran appears to have halted its nuclear weapons program four freakin’ years ago, ”

    Er, don’t you mean “nucular”…?


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