My Lovely Town

And now, a beautiful vignette of small-town Americana that just took place along the sidewalk outside our house:

About fifteen minutes ago, some random guy who was either sloshed out of his mind, completely insane, or some combination of the two came staggering down my street, all the while singing in a very raspy, off-key voice at the top of his lungs a barely decipherable doggerel about trying to bring back Jesus.

I think the kid and I are going to stay inside with the doors locked for a little bit.


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One Response to “My Lovely Town”

  1. cafedog Says:

    I have lived in Lancaster city along time. When Someone is singing or acting odd, walking past my front steps, I usually just nod and say “hows it goin’.
    Usually they nodd and smile and keep on walkin. That is small city America.

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