The Job Nobody Wants: Borough Tax Collector

Today was Election Day. There is apparently going to be trouble filling one local office, however. In the race for our local borough’s (Pennsylvania does not have towns, we have these things called boroughs instead. No, they’re nothing like the counties in New York City. Weird, I know.) tax collector position, there were zero Democrats, zero Republicans, zero third party candidates, and zero independents running.

On the ballot for the borough tax collector position, there were no candidates at all. Instead, there was just a space for write-ins, so this could wind up getting interesting. I can see why nobody wants the position. Besides the negative religious overtones of the position in rural Lancaster County, an insanely religious part of the state, would you like your part-time job for the next two years to be shaking down angry citizens for money? I didn’t think so. I’m not sure how this winds up getting sorted out; perhaps the town will go with whoever gets the most write-ins, whether they like it or not.

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