Even Baseball Makes Me Feel Old . . .

Sometimes the most random things can suddenly make you feel like an old codger. Watching the World Series, for one. The Colorado Rockies’ manager is Clint Hurdle. One of the first baseball cards I ever received when I was a kid was a 1981 Topps card of a young Kansas City Royals outfielder named — you guessed it — Clint Hurdle.

The manager of the Boston Red Sox is Terry Francona, and, of course, another early baseball card of mine was that of a young outfielder and first baseman for the Montreal Expos named Terry Francona.

All of this I already knew for quite some time, so those two facts didn’t make me feel particularly old right away — not until the eighth inning, when the announcers pointed out Boston’s genius of a hitting coach, who turns out to be none other than Dave Magadan, the New York Mets’ first baseman/third baseman throughout much my time in junior high and high school. It turns out the guy’s in his mid-forties already.

Probably the only thing that could make me feel older right now is if I found out Tim Flannery is a coach somewhere. Oh wait, he is. On top of that, he has a music career, has gone bald and now eerily resembles James Taylor.



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2 Responses to “Even Baseball Makes Me Feel Old . . .”

  1. dervi05 Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I am a 27 Year Old Freshman. This week is homecoming at my school and Lil’ Wayne performed. I do not even know one song by Lil Wayne. This past weekend I went to a Freshman Retreat. If you want a laugh you can click on my Blog http://www.dervi05.wordpress.com and go to Freshman Retreat.

  2. JT Says:

    I’ve been looking through my old baseball cards, mostly from the late 1980s. Very few of those players are still playing today. That’s what makes me feel old.

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