Randomness: Sleeping Babies, Frontline on Cheney, Moby Dick

And now for some random observations, since I don’t feel like making the effort to create a focused blog post at the moment.

Whoever coined the expression, “sleep like a baby,” and intended it to mean sound sleep, clearly never had an infant within earshot. Babies don’t sleep soundly. A baby’s sleep is full of random huffing, yawning, grunting, and other noises full of indeterminable strangeness.

Rapidly shifting gears:

Did anybody catch Frontline on PBS tonight? It was a full hour devoted to Dick Cheney’s interpretation of the Constitution and how it has influenced and formed Bush Administration policies. The episode can be watched in full here, and there are additional materials and resources on it there as well.

I’ve had a vague feeling for quite a while that the current administration’s legacy will ultimately be that of the most horribly wrong people in the most horribly wrong place at the most horribly wrong time, and the Frontline piece does a great job of articulating why.

Imagine Cheney, along with David Addington, in the role of Captain Ahab, obsessively chasing after Moby Dick, in this case representing the “unitary executive” theory and limitless accumulation of Presidential power in wartime, and the Pequod is the U.S. Constitution, or perhaps the entire damn country. If we ever catch up to the whale, we will have nowhere to go but Davy Jones’ Locker. I’m afraid the boat’s too close to it already.


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